His name means "Ensnarled by beauty". Like a quintessential Aries he has Bewitched, Charmed, Bowled over people. He exudes sheer magnetism with his cute smile. He is the charismatic Mohit Malhotra.

Mohit was born and raised in New Delhi. He graduated with honors in Management from Delhi University, rounding off his degree with a specialized course in international business from the elite University of California, Berkeley.


For as long as I can recall, challenges have come in various ways and forms, creating illusions of different kinds but finally leading them all to a beautiful condition I call "light".....the feeling of victory, smiles and bliss. Learning from every situation since an early age made it my greatest source of knowledge....SELF EXPERIENCE.

The experiences are thus what I am made of and make me who I am today. Thank you for being a part of them. It is my aim to explore and experience this life to the fullest for then my soul shall rest in peace. STAY LIGHT!
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